How to Increase Your Jutti Life

by: posted by: Guest on: /22/08/2017
How to Increase Your Jutti Life

Ways to maintain the jutti.

1.                   If the leather of the jutti is dry, it is advisable to rub the shoe with a moist cloth, then apply some leather cream which must be recommended to you by its maker. It may be oil, wax or even paint. With this, there is an assurance that your shoe will be worn longer.


A dirty jutti can also be folded with a muslin cloth, muslin is easy on the shoe as lets the shoe breathe and also make it shine for a long time. When sun drying the shoe, please do not let it stay in direct sunlight for more than two hours.


2.                   There are some of the jutti shoes with can be less maintained and still stay in their original state for a long time. The juttis have been digitally printed and for this, you just have to wipe with a wet cloth. But the most preferred and advisable to clean digitally printed juttis is by dry cleaning them. With a special jutti like this, means that they also have a very special price.


3.                   We cannot avoid the wet weather or some water sprinkling on our shoes. If the leather is wet, gently wipe the jutti in one direction as this retains the chemical structure of the shoe and also no cracks will form. When doing this, it is good to do it at room temperature, not direct scorching heat.


4.                   Water is pure, so as you clean your shoe, it is good to avoid the soaps and other foreign substances.


5.                   Stretching out your shoe will deform its shape so to avoid this, buy a good fitting shoe. The reason behind this is that when leather stretches, it never goes back to its original state anymore thus it will not serve your purpose.


6.                   When storing your jutti, make sure the place you keep it has a free flow of air because that leather needs to breathe too. A jutti put in a very enclosed place will encourage the growth of mildew. That will be the end of that shoe.



Having to own a jutti is like getting a gift from the buyer. It being maintained is your duty since no one else can do it better than you. The gold or the silver on it must shine always and I bet you cannot withdraw yourself from a shoe game while you have some good looking juttis.