5 Jutti Designs I absolutely love

by: posted by: Guest on: /22/08/2017
5 Jutti Designs I absolutely love

ü  Go All Plain: Okay, so many people do not consider them to be juttis per se, but I am totally in love with them. Owing a pair of completely plain juttis is like owing black clothing—it goes with everything. They can be casual and formal at the same time! If you are endorsing a very chilled-out look, your plain juttis are just perfect to add to that mood. And in case you were to adorn yourself with heavy or bright clothing, your plain jutti would just balance it out!

ü  Fancy Florals: These prints are relatively new and they were basically designed when women started pairing juttis with jeans and trousers. But they work. And oh so beautifully! Petals, roses, and other floral motifs clustered neatly on your juttis add a touch of vibrant grace to your outfit. They are chic and peppy and well, comfortable!

ü  Embroided excellence: These have to be the most gorgeous pair of juttis that can ever exist. Remember how looking at a beautiful embroided suit or kurta gives you a feeling of being awed. Well, embroided juttis make you feel just the same but like ten times stronger. Embroided designs serve as the best choice for festival time with their heavy detailing and intricate make just adding to the charisma! The numerous colour combinations available make it all the more worthwhile.

ü  Mirror Mirror on my feet: Those who have known traditional juttis would have definitely heard of the mirror-embellished juttis. There is just something about the mirror-work on juttis that instantly cheers you up! This design offers you a flamboyant approach and definitely a refreshing change from your everyday footwear.

ü  Blinging Beauty: Punjabi ethnicity is best defined by shining footwear that are a combination of style, charisma, and vibrancy. Juttis that bling are eye-catching and well, irresistible. They are an impeccable match for suits and sarees with heavy needle work but they are all the more perfect for dresses that are contrastive to their bling. If you’re looking to jazz up your outfit, binging juttis are the way to go!

I keep moving back and forth among these five designs. I have never found the kind of comfort Punjabi juttis offer in any other footwear. Juttis are the supreme fusion of comfort and fashion, glamour and luxury. And well, the compliments they attract are just a cherry on top!